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SIESCOMS has set up four centers of excellence. The objectives are two-fold: to give specific focus on these areas and to provide special developmental interventions for students in these sectors / domains.

The four areas are:

1. Banking and Finance: Mumbai happens to be the financial hub of the country and students find immense job opportunities in this sector (BFSI). Hence this centerhas come intoexistence. Under the banner of this center, SIESCOMS regularly conducts special certification programs for students to enhance their employability. These programs are facilitated by external experts from industry.

2. NGO & CSR: The institute has a special focus on making students socially responsible and there are severalinitiatives under the SAHAYOG committee of students. This is the backdrop of creation of this center to drive the initiatives under this sector with a clear focus.

3. Entrepreneurship: The job of business schools today has, to a significantextent, shifted from creating mere managers to developing entrepreneurial spirit among students. Though the reality remains that many students will not become entrepreneurs immediately after graduation, the seed sown at the college will possiblymake them think seriously about entrepreneurship at some point in time. This centerconductsseveral programs / workshopsincluding Ideathon.

4. Operations: In the value chain of business enterprises, the aspects of operations & supply chain have become crucial. As India aims to become the manufacturing hub on a globalscale, this will assume more importance and provide substantive job opportunities. Hence this center has been set up. Under the aegis of thiscenter, the institute conducts severalspecializedprograms like Six Sigma (in partnership with KPMG), Binary Labs., etc.

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