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Involvement of students and staff members in all activities of the institute has been a strategic initiative at SIESCOMS for the purpose of achieving the desired goal of moving towards excellence. There are 21 Faculty Driven Committees & 5 students Driven Committees who strive hard in pursuit to success with clear cut goals and responsibilities. These are in the areas of Academic, Corporate Interaction, Events, Placement, Cultural and Sports, Research, NGO and Sahyog, Alumni, Branding and Infrastructure.

Anguja Agarwal / Dr. Sujatha Rao - Convenor
Nominated Students
Prof. Venkatesh Iyer/Dr. Aditya Sontakke --Convenor
Prof. L.S. Swasthimathi
Nominated Students
Dr. Suhas Tambe -Convenor
Dr. Veni Nair
Vatsala Bose
Dr. Rajesh Nair
Dr. Madhavi Dhole
Dr. Chitra Ramanan
Dr. Sharmila Mohapatra
Dr. Nitin Vazirani
Dr. Sandeep Bhanot
Mamta Sharma
Dr. Swati Checker
Dr. Swati Kulkarni
Dr. Anup Palsokar
Prof. Anguja Agarwal -Convenor
Mr. R Chandrashekhar
Ms. Bindu Alex
Dr. Lalitha Pillai
Mr. Anand Ingle
Dr. Veni Nair / Prof. Pankaj Srivastava-Convenor
Dr. Suchi Midha - Convenor(PGDM)
Mr. Manoj Bagesar - Convenor(MMS)
Prof. Pankaj Raibagkar - Convenor(MCA)
Dr. Deepa Donde
Ms. Kartika Rane
Ms. Rachana Jhadav
Ms. Akshita Sisodiya
Dr. Veni Nair - Convenor
Dr. Geetanjali Pinto
Prof. Venkatesh Iyer
Dr. Swati Cheker
Dr. Sarita Kumari
Dr. Kaustubh Sontakke
Dr. Durga Surekha / Sujatha Rao - Convenor
Dr. Lalitha Pillai
Dr. Snehil Dahima
Nominated Students
Prof. Pankaj Srivastava/Prof. Mamta Sharma --Convenor
Dr. Snehil Dahima
External - Parent
Prof. Vidya Iyer
A Senior Student
Anand Ingle (Non-Teaching)
Parul Negi - (NGO)
Shivaji Aajinath D - Police Officer
Shweta K Bhadral -Media Rep.
A Junior Student
Dr. Ira Kumar /Prof. Jharna Lulla-Convenor
Prof. Saanchi Bhide
Ms. Ritu Datwani
HOD's / Chairpersons /Program Cordimators
Nominated Students
L.S. Swasthimathi --Convenor
Dr. Veni Nair
Dr. Vikram Parekh
One Official from UoM/DTE
One Senior Prof of UoM
Mr. Manoj Bagesar Prof. Roshna R(PGDM)
Neha Chopade - Convenor
Anguja Agarwal
Nominated Students
Prof. Vidhya Rao
Sheetal Hande
Pallavi Jadhav - Convenor
Vidhya Rao
Swati Checker
Roshna D.
Seema Laddha
Nominated Students
Dr. Vikram Parekh - Convenor
Head of Departments
Prof. Snigdha
Dr. Christina S
Prof.Deepa Donde
Nominated Students
Mr. Pankaj Srivastava
Dr. Sharmila Mohapatra - Convenor
Dean Academics
Head of Departments

Dr. Shalini Gulecha - Convenor
Dr. Veni Nair
Ritu Datwani
Dr. Suhas Tambe (Convener)
Dr. Aditya Sontakke
Prof. Deepa Donde
Saanchi Bhide
Sunil Waghmare
Dr. Veni Nair ( Convener)
Prof. Pankaj Raibagkar
Dr. Durga Surekha
Dr.Sharmila Mohapatra
Dr. Sarita Kumari
Ms. Sheetal Hande
Ms. Parul Negi - NGO
Mr. Sandeep Narverkar
Three students
Dr. Geetanjali Pinto / Dr. Kaustubh Sontakke - Convenor
Member of Management
Faculty members
Dr. Lalitha Pillai
Prof. Shilpa Deshmukh
Nominated Students
Dr. Sandeep Bhanot- Convenor
Dr.Rajesh Nair / Dr.Sandeep Bhanot --Convenor
Prof. Vidya Iyer--Convenor
Dr. Nitin Vazirani --Convenor
Prof. Roshna R
Prof. Deepa Donde
Prof. Bindu Alex
Prof. Vidya Iyer
Prof. Venkatesh Iyer
Dr. Neha Chopade
Dr. Suniel Deshpande

Shilpa Deshmukh - Convenor
Dr. Christina S
Dr. Shalini Gulecha
Snigdha R
Nominated Students
Dr.Rajesh Nair /Dr.Seema Laddha - Convenor
Dr. Geetanjali Pinto
Ms. Rachana Jadhav
Dr. Aditya Sontakke
Mr.Sandeep Narvekar
Nominated Students
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