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Access to modern information technology is essential to the pursuit and achievement of excellence across SIESCOMS mission of instruction and academic advancement. The privilege of using computing systems and software, as well as internal and external data networks, is important to all members of SIESCOMS community. This policy provides general guidelines for the use of SIESCOMS computing resources, equipment, services, software, and computer accounts of students, faculty, staff and administrator. Computer Centre is located at the basement having around 400 networked terminals with uninterrupted 10 MB broadband internet facility.


There are 4 computer labs 2 at the basement and 2 on the third floor. The computer labs are fully equipped with all the latest software and hardware.


The computer is lab is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Saturday and from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm on Sundays.

Wi-Fi Environment

The entire campus is enabled with Wi-Fi facility with 10 mbps speed allowing the students and other users to access the knowledge databases from anywhere in the campus. The duty of the administrators also includes sound maintenance of this environment.


The institute only uses licensed software for its application and total integrity is maintained in this regard.


Microsoft Office 2010 Academic Open, IBM SPSS, Package 19.0, CMIE (Prowess 4.4), Oracle10g Standard Edition, EBSCO Journal, IBM Rational Clear Quest, Adobe Creative Suite Standard 6, Corel Draw Graphics Suite X-6, Moodle, Adobe Reader, Eclipse, WinRar, IP Messenger for Windows, Word Web, Lingua Phone, Star UML 5.5.


Well-equipped computer centre with 7 Servers, 362 Desktops, 3UPS, 20 Laptops, 46 Printers, 3 scanners, Switches and more.

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