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We as an institute are proud to mention that our Alumni are one of the strongest stakeholders towards all institutional development activities with around 7000 plus alumni base. Ever since our institute is incorporated and first batch was convocated in the year 1997 we have consistently followed the practice of inviting parents along with graduating student to enable a strong bonding with our students who after convocation becoming part of our alumni family over the years.

During the convocation ceremony all graduating students take a Pledge which also encourages them to be a "loyal ambassador for our institute and seek to promote its welfare and maintain its reputation”. After the completion of 20th year completion of our institute and with the objective of building our alumni relations SIESSBS & SIESCOMS Centre for Alumni Relations was established in August 2017 under the leadership of a very senior faculty member Dr. Vikram Parekh (who himself is an Alumni from Batch of 1999-2001). Under the able leadership of Dr. Vikram Parekh our institute has witnessed extremely satisfying alumni engagements.

SIESSBS & SIESCOMS Centre for Alumni Relations a critical part with three prime objectives:

  • To Discover our Alumni
  • To Connect with our Alumni
  • To Engage with our Alumni

Contact for Alumni Relations

Dr. Vikram Parekh
HOD & Chairperson, Centre for Alumni Relations,
Core Committee Member, SIES Trust ISR (Institute Social Responsibility)
Associate Professor - Marketing & Strategy
Former Dean, Marketing
Tel. 8898801234

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