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SIESSBS & SIESCOMS are a part of South Indian Education Society which was established with the following motto-

"This Society should sincerely serve the cause of education and the educational needs of the common man of this cosmopolitan city"

The South Indian Education Society (SIES) is one of the oldest educational societies in India. Founded in 1932 by Shri M.V. Venkateshwaran with a modest six-student beginning, SIES has grown to become a conglomerate of various institutions with over 15,000 students under its wing. In the process of imparting quality education, SIES has established High Schools, SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce, SIES College of Management Studies, Centre for Excellence in Management Research and Development (CEMRD), SIES School of Packaging, SIES Indian Institute of Environment and SIES Graduate School of Technology (an Engineering institute). Two ventures of a different nature added to the SIES family are, SIES Sri ChandrasekarendraSaraswathi Veda Pathashala and SIES Seniors' Home. And the story of our achievements & Milestones continues...

1889 Sies College Of Commerce And Economics, Sion Est
1932 SIES High School
1960 SIES College Arts, Science and Commerce, Sion West
1980 SIES Institute of Comprehensive Education , Sion West
1989 SIES College of Commerce and Economics, Sion East
1995 SIES College of Management Studies, Nerul
1998 SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Nerul
1999 SIES Indian Institute of Environment Management, Nerul
2001 SIES Centre for Professional Research & Education
2002 SIES School of Packaging, Nerul
2002 SIES Graduate School of Technology, Nerul
2003 SIES Vyayamshala
2003 SIES Veda Pathashala, Nerul
2003 SIES Shri ChandrasekarendraGranthalaya
2003 SIES Senior’s Home, Nerul
2004 SIES Institute of Medical and Laboratory Technology, Sion East
2004 SIES Centre for Excellence in Management Research & Development, Nerul
2013 SIES Institute of Chromatology and Spectroscopy, Nerul
2014 SIES ISR Project I (Village adoprtion- Kathwadi by SIES SION)
2015 SIES ISR Project II (Village adoprtion- Kahirpada by SIESCOMS)
2015 SIES Central Training Department,Nerul
2016 ACBSP Accreditation for PGDM Program of SIESCOMS
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