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Dear friends

Welcome to SIES School of Business Studies (SIESSBS).

South Indian Education Society (SIES) has a glorious past of nine decades of experience in educational endeavours. Having had its modest start with 6 students at a school in Matunga, SIES has today more than 25,000 students at various educational institutions under its umbrella starting from KG to PhD.

SIES College of Management Studies (SIESSBS) is one of the flagship institutes of SIES offering both management and technical education at post-graduate level. It is today ranked among the top business schools of the country as perthe major rating exercises by various business magazines. The institute suffered two setbacks in the recent past: the severe health pandemic for two years and then the bifurcation of the institute in termsof guidelinesof AICTE segregating university and autonomous programs.

But the flag of the institute flieshigh as both its programs namely, Master of Management Studies (MMS) and Master in Computer Applications (MCA) affiliated to University of Mumbai are highly rated programs cherished by both students as well as corporate.The institute focuses on developing unique competencies required of 21st Century professionals, both managerial / technical as well as life skills.

We are aware that coming days are going to be challenging in view of stiff competition from not only domestic but also foreign players. We are, however, sure with the patronage and love from all, we will be able to create an institution of higher learning that is different, vibrant, global yet full of Indian ethos and multi-disciplinary as envisioned in NEP 2020. We will also be one of the most admired places of study in the country.

A K Sen Gupta
SIES College of Management Studies (SIESSBS)

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